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The Athenian Empire at Its Peak, and Why It Was Cool

por Luciano Garzon - 2 de Agosto de 2021

Ícone Homework
#History, Culture, and the Arts #Greece

Democracy! White-bearded Greek men! Complicated names nobody knows how to pronounce! All those super-interesting topics we seemingly can't get enough of (and more!).


It's heavily recommended that you first watch the video in the Listening portion of the homework for some context, and then, if you're interested, come back and read this article that goes deeper into what the Delian League was.



Excellent and humorous video describing how Athens shrugged off the Spartan siege for over 30 years with its "twin-city fortress" system, and created a greek-state alliance (akin to the modern-day NATO military alliance) to fend off Persian invasions all the while making a fortune off the other states.
Feel free to turn on the subtitles for this one, seeing as it contains a lot of long, complicated, Greek names.


Let's keep this fun. Watch the video in the listening segment and write your take on it.
Did it seem interesting to you that the Athenians (almost completely) shrugged off Sparta's strategy to burn down its surrounding farmland?
Did you find it funny when Athens took the Delian League's treasury for itself?
Feel free to use these questions as inspiration, or simply share what you think stuck with you from the video.

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