Get to know the restructuring project of the most promising EdTech in Brasilia!

Get to know the restructuring project of the most promising EdTech in Brasilia!

Written by Natural - Sept. 1, 2020, 3:20 p.m.

In the past ten months, Natural has been consistently working on its corporate restructuring project with a view to creating solid foundations for its growth. The project was based on the ideas of its founding partner, Victor Hart, who has a degree in Law from the University of Brasilia (UnB), with the help of Ricardo Moura, also a Law student at UnB.

All the work was done with extreme care, without the use of templates, in order to create incentives for good practices in partner relations, in addition to clear, transparent, and specific rules that further Natural’s interests.

Based on the key concepts of intuitu personae and affectio societatis, the new corporate structure will provide four major competitive advantages to the company:

  1. High-caliber team: the new rules include mechanisms for the progressive entry of strategic team members as partners, thus helping to attract and retain highly talented people and motivate high performance.
  2. Active partner collaboration: as it is an intuitu personae partnership, partner contributions to the company's activities are essential, so we endeavored to create mechanisms to encourage such active collaboration and guarantee that it will be effective and strategic.
  3. Strengthened business strategy: partners and other team members will contribute to annual strategic planning, which will in turn guide all of their activities.
  4. Transparency and predictability: corporate documents elaborated with extreme clarity and thoroughness, in order to have well defined rules that foster predictability and mitigate conflicts.

Thus, our corporate restructuring will be a key pillar of Natural's success, helping it to stand out even more from the competition and benefiting all its staff and students.

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