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By Rita Elena Daniel - 25/oct/2015 #Estilo de vida

One thing about me, that is pretty evident when you see me—unless you catch me at home, cleaning… or wallowing—is that I am a fashion, makeup, and shoe enthusiast. I’m half Lebanese, so I think it’s kind of in my blood to be really concerned with making things neat, pretty, and matching. As a result of this, one of the first things I notice— really notice— in a place is the sense of style. I think that the style of a culture is directly related to the mentality of the soci
ety. Through explaining this, maybe I can relate some cultural insight, and not just pure observations of people!

So far, I’ve noticed that ladies here favor the natural look in terms of makeup. Minimal coverage is highlighted by one eye-catching feature: bright lips. Lipstick, or batom, “bat-on,” as they say in Portuguese, is a must-have for the stylish, effortless woman. I must say, at first glance, the shades of bright pink, fuchsia, and red on an almost totally nude palette of skin looked really odd to me. However, the more that I’ve seen this juxtaposition of a totally gorgeous, natural face with a pop of color on the lips, the more I realize what this does to bring out the beauty of someone’s natural complexion. I think this minimal, yet arresting style of makeup correlates nicely with findings I’ve made recently about the Brazilian culture and people.

Brazilian people are inviting. So inviting, indeed, that they don’t try to hide themselves with a mask of foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, and eye-makeup. Nope. Their style is easy-going, just like they are. They are laid-back, but they also have a sense of sophistication and a smack of complexity which is evident in their minimal, yet maximized use of colorful lipsticks.

Their confidence shines through, and that is clear in their comfort with wearing such bold and attention-grabbing shades of lipstick. Their ability to make something so simple, but arresting in terms of color, seem effortless, goes with their whole attitude and demeanor. Simple and straightforward is their way. Kind and welcoming faces are not lost in layers of makeup, although their appeal and style comes through this one emphasized feature: mouths, which, whether smile or pout, seem to demand the attention of all who see them.

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