First Natural teacher reaches 100 homeworks milestone | Natural Language Institute
First Natural teacher reaches 100 homeworks milestone

First Natural teacher reaches 100 homeworks milestone

Written by Natural - 07/may/2019

Not long ago, The Natural Language Institute (NLI) launched the Homework App, an application whose main objective is to save teachers time by providing them with recommendations for integrated reading, writing and listening tasks that are appropriate for each student.

Another purpose of the application is to improve the quality of tasks, allowing teachers to concentrate more time, energy and care in preparing those they develop from scratch.

Within this tool, Hommies and Happs were created (synonyms for happiness). They are a kind of virtual currency that teachers receive whenever they submit a new task or have one of their tasks used by another teacher or evaluated anonymously by a student.

The award ceremony for the first teacher to reach 100 Happs was held at the NLI premises and was attended by the institute's founder, Victor Hart, the director, Cindy Mariella Portal, the administrative team, the development team and other teachers. The winner was one of our English teachers, Ricky Seabra, who was awarded a certificate of recognition from Victor Hart, and a cash prize.

Ricky, the first teacher to reach 100 Happs, was born in Washington DC. He studied visual communication at Parsons School of Design in New York and has a master's in design from Design Academy Einphoven. He worked as a visual artist for 5 years and for 12 years he wrote and presented monologues on stages in Europe and Brazil. He has also worked in Amsterdam in space research and is interested in everything that involves innovation.

Like Ricky, all NLI teachers are working daily to achieve the highest number of Happs, as they can exchange them for rewards, be it gifts, money or even travel opportunities.

The more teachers motivate and please their students, the more “happiness” they get!

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