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Natural student becomes ambassador

Natural student becomes ambassador

Written by Natural - 13/dec/2019

Natural is honored to announce that one of our Natural Portuguese students, Cindy Portal, has just been appointed as the ambassador of El Salvador in Brazil. Cindy has been studying with us for over a year and has studied, in addition to Natural Portuguese, our French course, Français Naturel, and English course, Natural English.

In addition to recently being appointed as ambassador, she also became the youngest ambassador in her country, El Salvador. We are extremely proud of Cindy as she also achieved the maximum score in CELPE-BRAS. Thanks to our unique methodology, she could work hard on her reading, writing, listening and, in particular, her speaking.

"I have a lot to thank my teacher Lucas Cacau for, because he taught me so much. Not only the history and culture of Brasilia, but also the culture of Brazil as a whole."

See the interview of the newest ambassador in Brazil below and check out how our methodology helped her to grow professionally.

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