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Ondas entre conteúdos

Natural Method

Our communicative method approaches learning with a focus on the four core language skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. A crucial element is students’ enthusiasm and motivation, which we strive to reinforce continually.

Students receive personalized reading, listening, and writing assignments to practice at home. These may include current news articles, literature, TV and movies, TED talks, music—always authentic content tailored to students’ current level and interests.

Classes are a combination of structured and free-flowing conversation based on the homework assignment and a broad variety of topics of discussion, aimed at providing students with increasing fluency and confidence in their speaking abilities. The specific approach is tailored to students’ exact needs and learning objectives. Teachers introduce new vocabulary in the context of conversation and correct mistakes in grammar and pronunciation.

The vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation items that are most important for the student to learn are recorded through a proprietary app and become the content for students to master over time. They are organized into lessons and can be reviewed with fun games and activities, such as Crosswords, Flashcards, and the original Grammar Rush game.

The combination of authentic materials geared to students’ interests, engaging conversation with native-speaking professionals, and context-based, personalized content is what makes our Natural methodology stand apart.