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Maria Montessori : A Dynamic Woman & Educator

by Keri Lee van Zyl - June 1, 2021

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Maria Montessori was a courageous woman who became the first female Italian doctor, and later founded an education system that is highly celebrated to this day. Her story is a fascinating read and one which inspires awe in the reader.


This article on Maria Montessori's life is very interesting, well written and includes photographs from her life.


Optional: This is the free download of a highly recommended book by Maria Montessori, "The Absorbent Mind".


This biography is not as comprehensive as the other reading option, but it gives a good overview if you are short on time.



This is a reading of a lecture given by Maria Montessori in 1915 where she looks at the history of childrearing and stresses the importance of giving children the freedom to learn naturally.



Maria Montessori was a remarkable woman who did not let the inequality of her day hinder her from accomplishing her dreams. Tell me about a remarkable woman who you admire - whether it is someone you have known personally or someone you have only read about.

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