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Natural Networking: Immersion Française

A French evening at Le Parisien Bistrot.

We enjoyed an evening of French and a great networking opportunity, with native French speakers and fellow French learners.

We gathered at “Le Parisien Bistrot”, a French-themed restaurant with French cuisine on offer. 

We were joined by a native French teacher and francophone friends of the Natural Language Institute; a unique opportunity to practice French with native speakers in Brasília. 

Our Natural Networking events are designed to enable safe spaces for language practice, as well as provide cultural experiences and an opportunity to bridge the gap between Brasília’s expat community and Brazilian professionals.

Join us in a future French event:

- To practice your French in a practical way 
- To make connections with French-speaking professionals and fellow language learners 
- To receive corrections
- To have an enjoyable evening 

Event Photos