Natural Networking: English Immersion | Natural Language Institute

Natural Networking: English Immersion

Practice your English and make new connections

Join us for an immersive evening of English and an excellent networking opportunity, with native English speakers (and other learners!). 

This edition takes us to Coco Bambu's Lago Sul restaurant where we will enjoy drinks and seafood, amongst other options.

We will be joined by non-Brazilian and native English speaking professionals who are friends of the Natural Language Institute, as well as some of our native English teachers, making it a great chance to build connections and learn with a diverse group of people. 

Our Natural Networking events are designed to enable safe spaces for language practice, as well as provide cultural experiences and an opportunity to bridge the gap between Brasília’s expat community and Brazilian professionals. 

Join us:

- To have a cultural experience 
- To practice your English in a practical way 
- To meet fellow expats 
- To make connections with non-Brazilian professionals and fellow language learners 
- To have an enjoyable evening 

Practical Information:

  • There is no cost to attend the event itself, the restaurant provides individual “comanda” payments based on your individual consumption. 
  • Please sign up so we have an accurate number for the reservation. Should you bring a friend or family member, please ask them to sign up separately.
  • The only requirement is to commit to trying to speak only English, this is the main purpose of the event. 
  • You may give the name “Natural Language Institute” on arrival at the restaurant to be guided to the table.
  • Dress code: casual