English Immersion: Afternoon Tea | Natural Language Institute

English Immersion: Afternoon Tea

We had an excellent time following a quintessentially British tradition: Afternoon Tea.

Our native-speaking English teachers were joined by language learners to enjoy some pastries, cakes, sandwiches, and a cup of English tea. We met at The Greenhouse, a beautiful English café in Lago Sul, and spoke only in English for the afternoon. 

There was also some English trivia to test participant's knowledge of the UK.  

It was a perfect chance to:

  • Sample a British tradition
    - Use English in a different context
    - Practice with native speakers and fellow language learners 
    - Receive a customised homework task and corrections following the event.

Quiz answers: Ed Sheeran, Princess Charlotte, David Beckham, Emma Watson, Harry Kane, Adele, Paul McCartney, Harry Styles. 

Event Photos