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English Immersion: Afternoon Tea

The Platinum Jubilee has passed but there’s still time to celebrate the queen! Join us for a quintessential British tradition: Afternoon Tea.

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23 Jul 2022 16:00 (UTC-03:00)

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Join some of our native-speaking English teachers and fellow language learners to enjoy some pastries, cakes, or sandwiches and a cup of English tea (or something stronger, if you prefer!). We’ll be at The Greenhouse, a beautiful English café, in Lago Sul and speak only in English for the afternoon. 

There will be some English trivia to test your knowledge of the UK.  

Join us for the opportunity to:

- Sample a British tradition
- Use English in a different context
- Practice with native speakers and fellow language learners 
- Receive a customised homework task and corrections following the event. 

Practical instructions:

- We have a limited number. You must sign-up! If you have friends that will join, ask them to sign up too. First come, first served. 
- We will meet at 16:00 (please aim to be on time). 
- Each person will pay for their own consumption, the cafe staff will note down each person’s order. 
- Only English is permitted at the event! By signing-up, you commit to speaking English :)

Any questions feel free to contact us via WhatsApp: +55 61 8200-4544

Event Info


23 Jul 2022 16:00 (UTC-03:00)




SHIS QI 21 Bloco B - Lago Sul, Brasília - Distrito Federal - Brasil, 71655-560, Loja 10 - The Greenhouse

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