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A modalidade Natural Teens compreende idades entre 9 e 16 anos e, não diferente das demais modalidades, também comporta grupos de, no máximo, seis alunos e carga horária de 3 horas semanais, podendo ser dividida em uma ou duas aulas por semana. O processo de aprendizado se baseia na nossa metodologia fundamental: a prática fluida da conversação.

Nessa faixa etária, a alfabetização já tendo sido introduzida, pode-se abordar um conteúdo muito diversificado, que varia de acordo com o nível, a idade e os interesses dos alunos, para que o curso se torne mais atrativo. Essa modalidade também disponibiliza o acesso às lições via plataforma online, para que ali complementem os estudos fora do ambiente escolar.

Our teachers

Foto de perfil: Ellen
Foto de perfil: Judith Silberbauer
Foto de perfil: Will Pattenden
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Brandeira US


Ellen was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and studied Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL), including a semester in Spain. She also completed Latin American Studies and Linguistics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. During high school she lived for a year in Chile where she developed a passion for Latin American culture. Ellen loves to travel, discover new places and new people, thus learning more about the world. She believes in a very strong connection between language and culture and she incorporates this understanding in her teaching methods. She always wanted to teach English in a foreign country and is very happy to be doing what she loves.

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Brandeira ZA

Judith Silberbauer

Judith is South African, from a small village near Cape Town. She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Degree in Art and Psychology from The University of Cape Town, and Rhodes University. She has 9 years teaching experience in both Central America and South Africa, and is passionately interested in language and education. In her free time she paints, plays with her dogs and kids and wanders in the mountains around her home. Her other great interests are psychology and literature.

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Brandeira GB

Will Pattenden

Will is British, born in Bury St. Edmunds. He has always had an interest in Latin languages and cultures, leading him to travel a great deal in Latin America, discovering a particular affinity for Brazil. He studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Brighton. Upon his first arrival in Brazil, he became enamoured with many aspects of the culture that this fine country has to offer, particularly the unique and recognisable expression through the arts that so well defines the heart of the Brazilian identity. Not to mention the food! He spent many years involved in BMX, but is now more interested in yoga. He reads a lot and has a diverse range of interests regarding the nature of the human experience in general.