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The course

Português Natural is our Portuguese course customized to your preferences, needs, and learning objectives. All teachers are university-educated native speakers—mostly from Brazil—who undergo rigorous training and evaluation. Our proprietary technology allows for a maximum degree of personalization and efficiency in the language-acquisition process. Schedule your free demonstration class today!

Schedule your free demonstration class today!

Natural Methodology

Português Natural uses the communicative approach, focusing on the four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. During classes, students engage in both spontaneous and structured conversation, receiving continuous feedback from teachers. To practice listening, reading, and writing, students receive a homework assignment for each class tailored to their interests, using the Homework App.

Our teachers

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Ana Beatriz Miranda

Ana Beatriz is Brazilian, born in Brasília, Brazil. She has a degree in the Portuguese Language from the University of Brasília, as well as a degree in Education. During the last ten years she has worked with Portuguese language teaching in different educational contexts. Currently, her focus is on teaching Portuguese as a second language, seeking to improve her students' performance with increased accuracy. She is passionate about language teaching, world literature and writing!

icon Total customization

Total customization

Whether your goal is related to work, studies, passing a proficiency exam in Spanish (Celpe-bras), or traveling, we are committed to the total customization of your course experience. We use your interests, objectives, hobbies, and general profile to provide you with homework assignments exclusively made or selected for you. During class, teachers use engaging conversation to identify and register the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar points you need to learn through the Lessons App. You can review this content in a dynamic and enjoyable way, including using games, in your Student Space.

icon Study Online

Study Online

Natural Online offers the same quality and benefits as an in-person course: native-speaking teachers, the motivational Natural method, and proprietary apps that enhance the learning process.

icon Start at any time, whatever your level

Start at any time, whatever your level

At Natural, you don’t need to wait until the next semester to begin your studies: you can start learning today! Since we offer personalized classes tailored to your needs, interests, and schedule, you can start anytime, whether you are a beginner or highly advanced.

icon Individual or group classes: your choice!

Individual or group classes: your choice!

We offer both in-person and virtual classes for individuals, totally customized and efficient. In Brasília we also offer classes for groups up to six people. You can gather a group of your friends, colleagues from work, or family members, or you can join one of our current groups, to learn English in a method that is interactive, dynamic and technological.

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