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About Me, Rita

By Rita Elena Daniel - 24/oct/2015 #Pure entertainment

Welcome one, welcome all to my blog. Some people call me an adventure seeker. I, however, disagree! To put it plainly, I’m not at all into skydiving, hang-gliding, or bungee jumping; what I am into is delving headfirst into new societies, cultures, and languages. I enjoy the thrill and the challenge of putting myself in new places, with different types of people, and trying to figure it out. Having noted that being an English teacher would provide great opportunities to pursue my interests, I decided to get a M.Ed. in teaching English as a Second Language, and check it all out for myself.In the twenty-something years that I’ve been blessed with thus far, I’ve gotten the chance, not just to travel, but to visit/live in some unique places and experience the lifestyles from an insider’s perspective. Not to dock on tourists, but I like to experience cultures from the vantage point of a natural inhabitant of that place. That means, of course, that I quite often find myself in awkward situations (as I often experience wacky cultural miscommunications); however, I have come to accept my awkwardness in life, and now it’s time to embrace it! As I experience teaching and living in Brasília, I hope that I can give some insight (or at least some laughs) to others who have curiosities—about life in Brazil, life as a teacher, or life as a twenty-something year old woman!

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