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How to Master a Language for Life


The definitive blog on learning and mastering languages for good

By Victor - 01/jan/2021 #Language and Education

This blog aims to help all those who have ever dreamed of becoming bilingual or a polyglot by revealing the most efficient and enjoyable ways to learn foreign languages and to master their spoken and written forms. It is a how-to guide that will take you from the very first steps of the journey all the way to advanced mastery. Although it draws on research and empirical evidence, it is above all a practical resource for language learners of all levels.

Two aspects of this blog set it apart from other online resources.

  • First, most language-learning guides and tools seek to help you achieve basic communication—follow them and at best you will become conversational or somewhat fluent. This blog, by contrast, teaches you to acquire and master languages, which means attaining a level of proficiency and ease that will allow you to go head-to-head with native speakers at no disadvantage—whether in the workplace or in academia, negotiating a business deal or flirting in a bar.

  • Second, many resources treat learning a language as something you do for a while, until you reach a certain level of understanding or pass a test, just as one might approach studying high-school chemistry. What to do afterwards with what you’ve learned is rarely considered, so chances are your skills will then deteriorate steadily through disuse. This blog, on the other hand, teaches you to weave the language you are acquiring into your day-to-day activities, thus permanently enhancing your life and allowing you to continually achieve increased mastery.

In addition to the distinctive focus on language mastery for life, this blog teaches you to leverage technology to fully customize your language acquisition journey to your interests and goals and to progress with the greatest possible efficiency.

I publish posts twice a month in English and Portuguese, my native languages. I also prepare versions in Spanish and French, in addition to video synopses in the four languages, available on YouTube.

Why should I begin a journey to lifelong language mastery?

Effective communication is a key predictor of professional and personal success. Mastery of language, both spoken and written, is thus of great importance to your career and your relationships. Achieving such mastery in a second or third language is essential for some people, such as immigrants, people who live in multilingual environments, and anyone working in international trade or diplomacy. Even if you don’t have an immediate need, mastering languages opens vast new professional, academic, and cultural horizons, in addition to providing substantial cognitive benefits. [1]

Yet mastering a foreign language is a journey that many find daunting. Although they would love to benefit from the opportunities afforded by multilingualism, due to lack of guidance and confidence, they do not make the sustained effort needed to acquire advanced fluency in a language other than their mother tongue. If only they knew how delightful and enriching the journey itself can be!

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[1] In addition to the well-known economic and career returns on investment and obvious benefits in terms of relationship opportunities, a growing number of studies show definite cognitive advantages to multilingualism. For instance, bilingualism has been shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, significantly improve outcomes after stroke, reduce decision-making bias, and generally enhance cognitive performance.

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