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Ondas entre conteúdos

How to Master a Language for Life

Blog by Victor | Founder

This blog aims to help all those who have ever dreamed of becoming bilingual or a polyglot by revealing the most efficient and enjoyable ways to learn foreign languages and to master their spoken and written forms. It is a how-to guide that will take you from the very first steps of the journey all the way to advanced mastery.

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Through an Artist's Lens

Blog by Sofia Hart | Student

Perceive the world through an artist's lens as I share my thoughts about art. Focusing but not limited to my artwork, I will write about art, share photographs, and make connections with language and language-learning. Hopefully some aspects of my blog will interest you!

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Embracing Singularity

Blog by Victor | Founder

This blog will present my adventure—that of a 40-year-old professional with no prior background in science, technology, engineering, or math to become a computer programmer and meet the age of artificial intelligence as a capable innovator in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing.

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Insights and Experiences

Blog by Rita Elena Daniel | Teacher

Welcome one, welcome all to my blog. Some people call me an adventure seeker. I, however, disagree! To put it plainly, I’m not at all into skydiving, hang-gliding, or bungee jumping; what I am into is delving headfirst into new societies, cultures, and languages. I enjoy the thrill and the challenge of putting myself in new places, with different types of people, and trying to figure it out.