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Become a Partner at the Natural Language Institute

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The Natural Language Institute ("Natural") is a Brazilian limited liability company and EdTech startup. We seek potential partners interested in investing their time, skills, or financial resources in an innovative business with a track record of educational and technological success and a clear vision for growth.

After 15 years of successfully helping thousands of students learn and master foreign languages, Natural recently adopted a new, transformative vision. We hired talented young staff with IT and linguistics backgrounds and effectively created a startup within an established business.

In 2020, Natural transitioned to online classes and expanded its reach beyond Brazil by hiring teachers and recruiting students in various countries. We also completed a meticulous corporate restructuring that will facilitate the entry of new partners through vesting agreements or the direct purchase of shares.

Natural is particularly interested in angel investors and potential partners with skills and experience in the following areas[1]:

  • Software development and machine learning
  • Business development and marketing
  • Applied linguistics and language instruction

Becoming a new partner with Natural requires establishing a strong relationship and high level of trust with existing partners, who must approve the entry of new members. Expressions of interest to initiate or develop this relationship are welcome.

Once approved by existing partners, there are two paths for obtaining company shares, which can be pursued independently or in combination:

  1. A vesting arrangement in which share purchase options are earned in return for services provided.
  2. Direct acquisition of shares through a monetary investment.

Foreigners, whether residing in Brazil or not, are welcome to apply to be partners. In fact, becoming a partner at Natural can facilitate the acquisition of permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship. Whether or not a potential partner is interested in residing in Brazil, Brazilian law grants equal legal protection to foreign partners.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a partner at The Natural Language Institute, please fill in the contact form below. We will respond to you promptly.

[1] Other areas of interest include:

  • Legal and accounting
  • UX, UI, and graphic design
  • Content marketing, video editing, social media, and related fields
  • Multilingual copywriting
  • Systems engineering and project management
  • Specialized knowledge and contacts within key international markets
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