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What do you think the world will look like after Coronavirus?

Written by Pérsio Barroso | Student - 14/apr/2020 #Community / Society

The post-Coronavirus world will not be the same. Absolutely not.

Life will be something new on each and every level. On the individual plane, people will emerge from the quarantine more reflexive and more conscious of what existence is all about. Those who had caught the virus and those who had ill relatives or friends will likely become more religious and tend to see life from another perspective, in a less materialistic way. Simplicity will be the word of the day. Being will mean more than having.

This new individualistic approach will then bring about wavelets of impact on a social level. Strong, intimate bonds will be preferable to superficial kinship networks. Either due to the fear of a new outbreak or to a new way of spending one's time, mass events, like social, sports and cultural gatherings may face a hard time bouncing back.

When it comes to the economy, the world might take a long time to recover. The global recession is on its way. It is most likely that most countries will recede to economic policies based on nationalism and protectionism. Capitalism and globalization might be affected at their core.

Despite that, the current situation seems to present similarities to what the world faced during the Great Depression and in the post-war period; and this might be a relief. At that time, the American New Deal and the Marshall Plan were effective instruments in rebuilding the United States, Europe and Japan, both economically and politically. Back then, the Welfare State emerged as a solution to keep economies working by granting people a social blanket, and at the same time, ensuring conditions for economic growth.

Something similar to the aforementioned, in the next few years, is uncertain though. It would take a global leadership as the one the United States exerted in the 1940's. Given the current movements of the power in charge, the US does not seem to be willing to take a step forward on the issue. On the other hand, if China succeeds in recovering its own economic power, it might be able to uphold the world leadership. What can we expect from that? It could be a completely different approach.

In addition, the political system that the Western World has built up in the last two and half centuries might be under threat. Democracy may suffer a backlash, according to the measure of success in curtailing the outbreak shown by authoritarian regimes. Human rights, namely the ones concerning individual freedoms, are at stake in this critical moment.

Last but not least, there might be a silver lining in concern for the environment. As we humans are locked down, as if gone on sabbatical, our mother planet seems to display signs of regeneration. Rates of pollution, deforestation, carbon emission - in fact, all of our footprints on Nature - are likely to decrease significantly this year. The same is expected for the upcoming years, due to the economic shrink ahead. A little hope for the generations to come.

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