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Two Different View on Carnival

Written by Constantino Cronemberger Mendes | Teacher - 02/may/2016 #History, Culture, and the Arts


Carnival is the greatest popular festival in Brazil. For at least three days, thousands of people dance and drink a lot in various places throughout the country like a party from Bacchus’ mythology. Since ancient times, carnivals have had parades, masquerades, and other manifestations that had their origins in pre-Christian pagan rites.

The world’s most famous carnival may be the one in Rio de Janeiro. However, carnival takes place throughout Brazil. There are many places and different kinds of music and dance. Other important Carnival centers include Recife, Olinda, and Salvador. Each city has a different kind of carnival. The main rhythms in Recife and Olinda are frevo and maracatu. People dance in the streets, wear beautiful clothes and masks, and paint their bodies. Salvador has trucks carrying bands playing loud music, axé, afoxé, and other rhythms. In Rio de Janeiro, the main rhythm is samba, but there are also samba schools that parade in the Sambódromo, located on Marques of Sapucai Avenue.

So, Carnival reflects the cultural diversity of Brazil. Different places or regions have different cultures and customs and therefore specific kinds of Carnival. In my opinion, the best place for Carnival is in Olinda. When I was younger, I went there sometimes during Carnival, but today I prefer to stay home or in another quiet place.

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