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The Eight Candles

Written by Teresa C | Student - 30/oct/2019 #Language and Education

When I blow the eight candle
From my birthday cherry cake
Or if, perchance, I see a shooting star
The wishes that follow, I shall make
A wealth of golden curls
That drop down to my knees
Lovely eyes the colour of emeralds
And long eyelashes for these
I was well-behaved all year
And I'd be better still
If in the place of this old dress here
I wore a purple gown with frills
This is a long list of wishes
Of which, were they granted, I could boast
They relieve me of melancholy when I'm feeling blue
And yet, what I desire most
Is a noble dream to hold on to!

Teresa C, 12 years old, is a student at Natural English.

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