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The construction of the Ermida by Israel Pinheiro

Written by Victor | Founder - 27/may/2016 #History, Culture, and the Arts


According to Father Décio Batista Teixeira of the Israel Pinheiro Institute, Dom Bosco’s prophetic dream deeply influenced the founders of Brasilia and was the reason for building the Ermida Dom Bosco.

Israel Pinheiro was a representative in the Chamber of Deputies from the state of Minas Gerais when President Juscelino Kubitschek called on him to lead the construction of the nation’s new capital. Israel Pinheiro founded Novacap, a construction company that swiftly built Brasilia. At that time, however, nobody remembered Dom Bosco’s dream.

According to Father Décio, in 1958, just as the plans were being laid, Germano Roriz, uncle of Brasilia’s current governor, remembered that when he was a student in a Salesian school, the fathers spoke frequently of Dom Bosco’s prophetic dreams. He asked the director of the Colégio Salesiano Dom Bosco in Goiânia about them. As a result of this inquiry, the dream that apparently prophesied Brasilia was uncovered and ended up in the hands of Israel Pinheiro.

Israel Pinheiro was deeply inspired by the account. He was facing incredibly short deadlines to complete Brasilia’s construction but was determined to meet them. So he made a promise to Dom Bosco, that if the saint would help him build Brasilia in time, he would dedicate a chapel in his honor. However, Israel Pinheiro soon decided to fulfill his promise in advance rather than wait to see if the saint would help him. He chose the spot for the chapel with the help of Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa

Some of the first construction materials that arrived in the Federal District were used to build the Ermida, which was the first masonry building in the nation’s new capital. Daily, throughout the arduous task of building a new capital, Israel Pinheiro would pray there to Dom Bosco for his intercession so that God would guide him in carrying out his enormous responsibilities within the established deadlines.

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