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Soccer in Brasilia experiencing growth

Written by Felinto Olino | Student - 25/mar/2019 #Sports


Historically, people from Brasilia have been interested in soccer. From the city’s construction until today, many stories show how teams like Defelê (in the sixties), Ceub (in the seventies) and Gama (in the period between 1998-2002) have been popular with old and young people. Some games attracted crowds of almost sixty thousand spectators.

Last year, the Brasiliense team - after a good campaign in the 2002 Brazil Cup, when the only reason that they didn’t beat Corinthians was because the referee didn’t allow it - won the Second Division Soccer Championship. This year, from April through December, the best Brazilian teams will visit Brasilia to play, we hope, high quality soccer.

This situation is good news for soccer fans and can stimulate sports practice, too. Impressively, Brasilia, even being just 44 years old, has produced good soccer players like Paulo Vítor (Brazilian goalkeeper in the 1986 World Cup) and Washington, the major goal scorer in the Brazilian Championship with Atlético from Paraná state.

Will local fans help Brasiliense with their presence? I think so. But, there is just one problem. The name of Brasiliense’s president is Luiz Estevão, and many people are opposed to the first senator banned in our political history.


Felinto Olino, is a journalist and student at Natural English.

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