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Redemptoris Mater Seminary

Written by Victor | Founder - 02/may/2016 #Philosophy and Spirituality


Brasilia’s Redemptoris Mater Missionary Seminary began in December of 1990 and is located close to the Ermida. Here, seminary students live and receive instruction and training to become priests. Many students are Brazilian, but others come from various parts of the world. There are about 80 students now, and about 50 that are living in the seminary. When they finish their studies, the priests go out to the world in pairs. They are not only priests but also missionaries in Brazil and other countries.

The Seminary’s architecture is original and beautiful. There is a tall white tower called the “Sun Tower” next to the buildings. Inside these buildings, there are meeting areas, a dining hall, a library, and rooms for the students to live. There are also chapels inside the Seminary. These chapels were designed to create a sense of community and union and they have a lot of religious symbolism.

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