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Movie Review Ocean’s Twelve

Written by Sonia Maria Avellar | Teacher - 27/may/2016 #Sports


“Ocean’s Twelve” is a little like the U.S. Olympic basketball Dream Team: an all-star lineup with more than a little charm.

“Ocean’s Eleven” was the 2001 remake of a 1960 heist movie featuring the Rat Pack. You will recall that in “Ocean’s Eleven,” Terry Benedict was the owner of the Bellagio, a casino in Las Vegas from which the 11 men stole $160 million.

As the film opens, Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his team are being rounded up and threatened by casino owner Benedict. He wants his money back, with interest, or there will be some consequences to pay.

The boys reunite, tally how much of their haul they’ve spent and try to devise a gig with a payday that will make up the difference. So it’s off to Amsterdam, Rome and Paris, where a more impossible heist awaits.

The Fox is played by Vincent Cassel, the sly French star who is part heartthrob and part weasel. It’s hard to believe this film is big enough for another ego, but it is. This French master thief seeks out to prove that he’s the world’s greatest criminal and not Danny’s boys. So the race is on to see who can make off with a priceless Faberge egg while it’s on exhibit in Rome.

The movie is all about behavior, dialogue, charm star power and wiseass in-jokes. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This movie is clever, entertaining, just like all of Steven Soderbergh’s movies, and leaves you feeling overdosed with celebrity.

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