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Ecological park sanctuary for nature and spirit

Written by Victor | Founder - 27/may/2016 #Philosophy and Spirituality


The Ermida Dom Bosco Ecological Park, located in South Lake (Lago Sul) with an area of over 130 hectares, is a great place for local residents and visitors to rest from the tumult of the city, commune with nature, and receive spiritual inspiration. In addition to the lakeside natural beauty, the park is home to Brasilia's first building, the Ermida, a beautiful little chapel that overlooks the lake.

Several Catholic institutions have buildings in the park. The Israel Pinheiro Institute belongs to the Salesian Order founded by St. John Bosco. It has beautiful accommodations for events and well-kept grounds along the lake. The Sao Bento Monastery houses Benedictine monks whose lives center around prayer and contemplation. It also welcomes the community by offering masses, individual retreats, a Monastic Store, and even Latin courses! A Carmelite convent, Nossa Senhora do Carmo, was built in 1992. Finally, there is the beautiful Redemptoris Mater Missionary Seminary that trains itinerant priests to carry out missionary work (see article on next page). The Seminary's tall white sun tower marks the landscape in the park.

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