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Dom Bosco’s dream

Written by Victor | Founder - 27/may/2016 #History, Culture, and the Arts


In the summer of 1883, St. John Bosco (called Dom Bosco in Portuguese), though living in Turin, Italy, had a vivid dream of traveling through South America and witnessing its vast natural wealth. The dream lasted the entire night and made a lasting impression on Dom Bosco, who recounted it in detail at a meeting of the General Assembly of the Salesian congregation. A priest in attendance took notes, and the transcription he produced was reviewed by Dom Bosco, who made additions and changes to the document by hand. The final version was published in his “Memorie Biografiche.” Father Décio Batista Teixeira of the Israel Pinheiro Institute obtained a copy of this original text.

In the dream, an affable and sublimely beautiful youth met Dom Bosco and told him that, as a messenger of God, he had come to tell him about work that was to be done. The youth told him that in the vast “field” between the Andes Mountain Range and the Atlantic Ocean in South America there were millions of inhabitants waiting for the help of the Salesians. This would come to pass before the end of the “second generation” after the present one, which Father Décio calculates to mean before the year 2039.

The youn guide proceeded to take Dom Bosco on a extraordinary tour, by train, from the north to the south of the continent. As if with supernatural vision, Dom Bosco was able to see not only immediately outside the window of his train car but across the immense forests, plains, and rivers, and even under the ground to the abundant mineral resources awaiting discovery.

Of particular note, when they arrived between the 15 th and 20 th parallels, there was a long and wide field surrounding a lake. Here, Dom Bosco’s guide told him that when the mines in this region were discovered and dug out, the promised land would appear and spew forth milk and honey. “It will be an inconceivable wealth,” he concluded. Due to Brasilia’s geographic location and the timeframe of its development, many have concluded that Dom Bosco’s dream prophesied Brazil’s new national capital, Brasilia.

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