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Childhood memories

Written by Nina | Student - 24/aug/2020 #History, Culture, and the Arts

Each month, we choose an excellent student essay to add to our online collection. For August 2020, we selected Nina's article describing a beautiful memory in her country. Read all about it:

When I was little, my family traveled a lot to cities in the interior of Goiás. My father loved nature.

The places we visited most were Pirenópolis and Rio Quente.

I remember when we camped in the hot river park, and my father woke us up at dawn to get into the water.

It was amazing how hot the water was and how the steam came up, mixing itself with the dawn fog.

We spent hours in the river enjoying the current massaging our bodies.

The little fish were sucking at our toes, and sometimes we managed to hold them for a moment in our hands.

In Pirenópolis, the water in the waterfalls was extremely cold, and I remember that we felt pain if we were submerged for a long time.

These are the most striking memories. My father was still alive at the time, and we were a happy family.

Today the river is almost cold because of pollution, and there is no more steam at dawn.

The water in the Pirenópolis waterfalls remains very cold.

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