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American Feet, Brazilian Rhythms

Written by Natural | Student - 10/mar/2019 #Pure entertainment


We have always heard that Brazilians are sexy, good dancers and musicians…that we have the rhythm inside us.

I went to the US last year to spend two months, and I didn't have anything definite to do. I was reading the newspaper when I saw an advertisement for a Samba class near the wharf. “Perfect!” I thought. I could learn English teaching samba, frevo, forro, maracatu…

On Wednesday, 5:00 p.m., I arrived by bike at this big grass field, in front of the sea at sunset – it was wonderful. I had already talked with the teacher by phone, and I had offered myself to help her in the classes. In thought she would love it, because I am Brazilian and also because I have taken several dance classes in Brazil!

The class started with some exercises, and soon the most incredible dance class I have ever seen began. There was a band, just like those from Pelourinho, with all the musicians wearing capoeira pants, and havaianas (legítimas!!). And the students! They all knew everything about samba, afro dance, and some even about maracatu!

They all knew the steps perfectly … and I felt I was a stranger in the nest! I couldn't follow them in their choreography! It was too fast and too organized for me! I know how to dance samba, and all those dances, but in a natural way, as part of my life, not as part of a choreography…

I stopped, sat down in a chair with some other spectators and just watched all those American women, dancing Brazilian rhythms like crazy… it was pretty…

My conclusion? You can learn everything, all kinds of cultural manifestations, but you will never do it as naturally as the local people! But viva a moda de ser brasileiro!!


Isabel is an ecologist and a student at Natural English.

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