Ondas entre conteúdos

Embracing Singularity

Blog by Victor | Founder

This blog will present my adventure—that of a 40-year-old professional with no prior background in science, technology, engineering, or math to become a computer programmer and meet the age of artificial intelligence as a capable innovator in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing.

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Reavivando o Kariri

Blog by Ricky | Teacher

Eu sempre disse que se eu pudesse viver mais uma de uma vida, eu seria linguista. Pelo jeito, não precisei esperar pela próxima vida, pois, desde 2014, uma certa obsessão tomou conta de mim e resolvi começar a decodificar uma língua indígena morta. Trata-se da língua Kariri (também chamada de Kiriri) dos índios Kariris.

Insights and Experiences

Blog by Rita Elena Daniel | Teacher

Welcome one, welcome all to my blog. Some people call me an adventure seeker. I, however, disagree! To put it plainly, I’m not at all into skydiving, hang-gliding, or bungee jumping; what I am into is delving headfirst into new societies, cultures, and languages. I enjoy the thrill and the challenge of putting myself in new places, with different types of people, and trying to figure it out.