Technology for Learning

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Student Space

Students have their own personal learning portal, the Student Space, where they can access all their past and current lessons, homework assignments, and corrected essays, in addition to vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar content. They can also play games and enjoy activities that make reviewing their customized content fun and exciting. In this personalized Space, students can specify their current interests and preferences so that teachers can provide them with highly relevant content for homework assignments and class discussion.

Lessons App

The Lessons App allows teachers to take notes on student vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation content in a fluid manner, providing immediate audiovisual feedback to students that reinforces learning and avoids translations during class.

After the class, the App converts these notes into an integrated, high-quality Lesson for student review. It allows teachers to creatively develop personalized and highly relevant content for their students.

Homework App

The Homework App allows teachers to store the homework assignments they create in a shared database that then suggests those assignments to other teachers based on the profile and preferences of other students, as defined in their Student Space. This sharing allow high-quality, personalized, and integrated reading, listening, and writing homework to be assigned with ease for each student and for every class.

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